Playoffs around the corner

Beers looking good going into the last six games of the season

The pesky Beers have found themselves in a good position after posting a 13-3 record in their first 16 games. With six games remaining to be played in the next two weeks, the team sits in second place in their division and third overall in B. After losing the first game of the double-header to the Indians on June 30th, the Beers had a perfect July, posting six straight wins before falling once again to the Indians on August 2nd. 

Even though a few injuries have been lurking around the team, the Beers need to press on. They still have two games remaining against Korea, two against the Expos, one against the Homers and one against the top team, the Orioles. It will be a long road ahead, but some think that the Beers have it in them to make a good playoff push... and even maybe win it all. 

Go Beers Go!