Another win for the surging Beers

Peaking right before the playoffs

The Beers took to the field last night with the veteran Paul Robillard on the hill. Also, back behind the plate for the first time in over a year, Josh Friedmann tested out the shoulder. The battery struggled early against the hungry Expos hitters who knocked the ball around the park to take an early 4-1 lead. After the second inning however, the opposition could not buy a hit and the Beers took advantage to overtake the Expos. Great defence helped Paul's cause: a diving catch in left by Christopher Marra and a great snag at second base by Jeremy Brisset. Both of those were overshadowed by a great relay from centerfielder Jordan Sazant to Craig Boer to cut the runner at the plate. 

Taking timely walks and putting the ball in play was the name of the game for the Beers offense. The Expos struggled a bit defesively and every error cost them dearly. The Beers had offensive contibutions from all 9 guys, whether by way of hit, RBI, walk, or hit by pitch.

The Beers have one game remaining against the Homers on Wednesday night. Win and they clinch 4th place, and most likely a date with the Sr. Yanks in the first round of the playoffs. Lose and anything is still possible. The win against the Expos last night continued the Beers hot streak, winning 7 of their last 9 games. They are peaking at the best possible time and should be ready for the playoffs in a week and a half.

Go Beers Go!